If we were like them

José A. Ruiz 08/11/2019 479
What would constitutionalism become if it used the methods of Catalan nationalism?

If we had the same advertising agency as nationalism, after the "black week" of destruction and riots in Barcelona our mass demonstration would not have been cheerful and festive, but furious and victimistic. Instead of the lady we would have carried a huge black tie, turning the obvious terrorism and the symbol that denounces it into an unquestionable banner of our cause, distorting it in our favor, as nationalism does with the yellow ribbon.

If we were as they would call ourselves "the Catalans" and they simply the fascists
If we were like them, after the incident of the teacher who assaulted a girl for drawing the flag of Spain, all the constitutional means would have joined us to take people to the street in a huge demonstration executed with North Korean precision, made up with wounds bleeding and bruising, and carrying huge bleeding banners in which I would say "our children don't get hit" ... in English, of course, since our advertisers would advise us to take into account the international image.
If we were like them, we would encourage the protesters to register on a website where we would assign each one a street to control attendance and density, so that all the manifestations occupied twice as much space. A logistics team would distribute bottles of water to the Spanish television helicopters and the civil guard would count the number of protesters and then multiply the numbers by four.
If we acted like them, their cause would not be covered in all our news. The moderators of our gatherings would systematically attack the dissent. Our humor programs would ridicule their political representatives, show them as clumsy, inept and totalitarian, and it would be their journalists who would have to go with a helmet.
If we used their methods, we would tear their clothes before the enormous irregularities of their illegal referendum. Urns that are already full, almost a hundred municipalities with more yes than inhabitants, the null recognition of democratic guarantees by the Venice committee and by its own Consell of Statutory Guarantees ...
If we shared their lack of ethics and scruples we would have hundreds of fake Twitter accounts creating up togs such as #CataloniaHasAFascistRegime, an easy fact to document with videos in which nationalism disinfects the streets that the dissenting people walk.
If we shared their totalitarianism our young people would shout in unison "the streets will always be ours."
But since we are not like them, that cry seems false to us because in democracy the streets belong to everyone.
As we do not act in the same way, it is enough for us to affirm that the referendum was neither legal nor democratic, and not being so, we do not need to enter to value it.
As we do not want to offend them, we do not call them "fascists" even when they behave as such, because they are our countrymen and the word "fascist" hurts us even when we pronounce it against them.
As we do not use their methods, we do not take our outrage to the street when the girls of Barcelona are added for the selection or the girl from Terrassa, because our candor makes us believe that if they are treated with consideration they will correspond with sanity.
And it is good that we are not like them. Because if we were, all the insults and grievances that direct us would be true.