The Mental Framework

David Martín 23/10/2019 1188
Nationalist politicians have twisted words to create a mental framework. Let's return its true meaning to words. Let's break the mental framework
In Catalonia and the rest of Spain we have a problem. Nationalist politicians have twisted the meaning of words and built a cage from which we cannot get out. A cage formed by beautiful concepts such as "The right to decide," "civil rights," "The mandate of the people," "freedom" o "political prisoners."
They are powerful, irrefutable words. Anyone would fight for those ideas. Come on! Who would not fight for freedom? I would do it! But they're also a disguise that hides the truth. And that's why we need to break that mental framework.
Because an exile is not someone fleeing a recognized justice before he is accused.
Because freedom of expression is not to fill public space and schools with political propaganda.
Because a political prisoner is not someone imprisoned for breaking the law.
Because negotiating doesn't mean giving up.
Because an oppressed politician is not someone who earns more money than the president of Spain.
Because a fascist is not someone who doesn't agree with you.
Because repression is not a word for keeping the law.
Because the people of Catalonia are more than 47%.
Because democracy is much more than a word.
Let's call things back by its true name.  Let's be clear.
Note: This is the first of a series of monothematic short programs presented by David Martin and recorded in Spanish, Catalan and English. I invite you to see them in the different languages and to spread them if you agree with the content.