Torra crashes into a 'muro'

José A. Ruiz 03/02/2020 309
The ring around the rosy parliament, Rajoy and Rivera goes to football and the crowned virus
Jose: Welcome to Layetania Today, the news you'll never see on TV3! With me, Aina Bellpuig and Aitor Setiraembarrena.
Aina: The secretary of the Catalan Parliament, Xavier Muro, has ordered the withdrawal of the deputy act from Quim Torra.
Aitor: Or as the master would say: Torra's claims have been "smashed against a Muro".
Aina: On the occasion of the suspension of Torra, hundreds of independentistas have gone to the Catalan Parliament and surrounded it holding hands and with a defiant gesture. This time they have only burned a dozen containers, but at least the Guinnes Book of Records has registered the event as the world's largest ring around the Rosy.
Aitor: The CUP requires that Torra remain president of the Generalitat or it will break the government pact. Come on, that's the far left demanding a president from the far right. It seems normal to us Catalans, but in Europe they are atonished.
Aina: Mariano Rajoy and Albert Ribera opt for the post of president in the next elections to the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Iker Casillas, who also chooses the position, has declared that professional intrusion takes him out of his .. of his 'Casillas', and has threatened to present himself to the president of the government of Spain by the Popular Workers Citizen Party.
Jose: We have a special warning, colleagues! A possible case of the crowned virus is being investigated in Spain. This virus is considered very dangerous and causes very specific symptoms. The affected patients have a rapid pulse, experience cold sweat, dizziness, anguish and a need to run off the beach and shout Estefanía ..!
Aitor: That's what happens when you've been .. crowned ..
Aina: On the other hand, Pulitzer Prize winner George Will has declared in the Washington Post that the independence "Procès" is a mixture of fiction and paranoia, and has denounced racial supremacism, historical manipulation and politicization of Catalan public media. The TV3 have commented on this ... Ha ha ... How are they going to comment such things on TV3 ...!
Aitor: And we still have another last hour. To promote the new AVLO tickets, the AVE Low Cost, Renfe announces the creation of the website to offer promotional tickets at 5 euros and that every day, for 10 days, at eight o'clock in the afternoon, this page will hang.
Jose: Thank you very much, colleagues.
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